Rare Pets Guide (for venos)

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Rare Pets Guide (for venos)

Post  funlandhuman on Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:50 pm

For those who don't know... I'm pretty sure i've seen strange looking pets held by venos such as a White Bunny, a Frog, a Bear etc. In PWI those are called rare pets. Here are some detalies about them:

FROGGY: lvl 9 , (240 555) and (196 513) , 12h , SKILLS: Poison Mist, Scream Shock, Embrave;

SNOW HARE: lvl 20, (469 921) and (095 810) , 1h /12h, SKILLS: Sand Raise, Armour Brake, Scream Shock;

TABBY PLUMDROP: lvl 20, (362 690) and (397 619), 12h, SKILLS: Ripping Bite, Howling, Decelerate;

DODO BEAR: lvl 20, (200 452) and (288 458), 12h, SKILLS: Ripping Bite , Armour Break, Doodoo;

WINDWALKING PIGGY: lvl 30, (403 643), 12h, SKILLS: Bashing, Howling, Crustaceous, Embrave;

CUDDLY PUP: lvl 40, (315 753) and (299 764), 12h, SKILLS: Bashing, Ripping Bite, Frighten;

AQUABARRIER DHARMA: lvl 60, (462 427), 12h, SKILLS: Bashing, Ripping Bite, Armour Break, Howling;

GREAT DOD BEAR: lvl 80, (628 624), 12h, SKILLS: Bashing, Frighten, Doodoo, Crustaceous;

Sorry for the alignment but the text editor on this site is really bad....

NOTICE: if u gather a number of eggs of each kind you can take it to Mr. Zoologist to turn it to a Baby animal that can be used by all characters: For FROGGY: 8 eggs ; For DOD BEAR: 2 normal eggs and 2 shoudo cub; and for the rest 5 eggs.

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