The Basics about PWI for newbies

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The Basics about PWI for newbies Empty The Basics about PWI for newbies

Post  BarakiEl on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:43 am

These basics are for newbies from level 1 to level 30.

You find yourself in a new world and it is all quite overwhelming. There is so much information, so many
things to do, so many quests and so many people. Here's some information to help you find your feet.

Regarding your CHARACTER:

Every class (archer, cleric, blademaster, wizard, barbarian, venomancer) has specific builds that work for
them. When someone says "build" the are referring to the way you put points into your character's stats.
Press C to open your character pane. The way you put points into Vitality, Strength, Magica and Dexterity
will determine the type of build your character will have. For example, wizards and clerics, should put
many points into their magica, where a blademasters and barbarians should focus more on Vitality and
Strength. You can read more about this on the Internet. We will also add guides to the forum to help you
with your specific class's build.
DO NOT just randomly put points into things. You will regret this later. It can be undone, but it is very
expensive. You will save yourself time and frustration by reading about builds.


Skills are your spells and special attacks. You can level them up at your class's trainer (for instance,
clerics go to the Cleric Trainer).
There are some skills you should get and level up as soon as possible; and there are some that you must
not bother leveling. If you level up the wrong skills early on, you will have difficulty leveling the skills you
really need later on. Save your spirit and go for the skills that are really necessary.
Please read the guides on what to choose and what not.

Regarding your GENIE:

Genies (those little fairies that drift around people) are obtained early in the game by talking to the
Watcher of the Earth.
They can be very helpful in combat, so it is worth looking into. You can level up your genie by infusing it
with xp, xp cubes or spirit. Some people prefer spirit, some people prefer xp. They have their advantages
and disadvantages. Some people have a lot of spirit left over (since they don't really have money to buy
skills for themselves), so they use their extra spirit to infuse the genie. Some people prefer to use xp, to
save up their spirit for when they have enough money to buy skills. If you do use xp, it is good practice to
wait until just after you leveled. If you have 3% xp, infuse your genie with that. Then fight some mobs
until you get 3% more, and infuse that, etc. It's a good way to keep track of the experience that goes
into the genie. XP Cubes, you can buy, or you sometimes get them as quest rewards.
On how to choose skills for your genie, look for a genie guide for your class (as genie can be built to
compliment your class's needs).

Here is one for Archers:

Regarding your GEAR:

Ok, first of all:
-you buy armor at the tailor
-you buy weapons at the blacksmith
-you buy potions at the apothecary
-you buy amulets and jewels at the craftsman
These items can be dropped or manufactured as well.
Here is a question I always hear in low level towns: "Where do I repair my armor?"
To repair your gear, you can go to any shop, eg. the merchant, BS (blacksmith), Tailor, etc. Click on
Trade List and you will see a Repair All button. Click that.
If you have an item in your inventory that needs repairing, click the repair button (under trade list) and
click on the item in your inventory. It will only repair that item.
You can upgrade your armor, put shards in the sockets, etc. I would not recommend you bother with this
before level 30, since it can be very expensive, and you will level so fast the armor/weapons won't last
long before you need to get new armor/weapons.

Barbarians and Blademasters should wear heavy armor and use heavy weapons, in other words, gear that
have a high strength requirement. These offer great resistance against physical damage, but is weak
against magic.

Clerics, Wizards and Venomancers, should go for robe type armors, light armor. These have high magic
requirements. These classes should also use magic weapons (look under the Magic tab at the Blacksmith).
These classes can make the decision to go for medium armor. Medium armor (strength and dexterity
requirements are equal) have the advantage of offering more defense to both physical and magical
attacks. This depends on you and your style of play.

Archers should go with medium armor (where the str. and dex. requirement is equal).

Go have a look at your local tailor/blacksmith at what kind of armor/weapons you are going to wear/use
and keep this in mind when you put points into your character stats.

Regarding HERBS and other MATERIALS (mats):

You get a pick axe from your local merchant which enables you to mine materials from your environment. It
is useful to do this if you are going into manufacturing, but if you are not planning on leveling your
manufacturing, this will take up a lot of your inventory space. You can also sell these mats for money by
setting up a kitty vendor in major cities.
The most sought after mats drop from mobs, for instance: glue, thread, oil. Don't sell these to NPCs (non
-player characters). They are valuable and can be sold for 2x to 10x as much to other players. Some of
your faction mates might possibly want some of these materials too.

Regarding Kitty VENDORS:

To set up a vendor go to:
Public Relations (bottom right corner of screen) > Actions > Consignment Shop (under Trade)
Here you can drag over items and give them prices. Give ur shop a name, and click done. Then wait as
the money rolls in =).


This is a never-ending quest that gets very expensive later on. It depends on you whether you want to
do it. It consists of a series of steps that you have to complete and at the end you have to kill a mini-
boss. You get moderate xp for your trouble. Some people argue it is more trouble that it's worth, as you
have to fly/teleport all over the map to talk to NPCs. The DQ items (if u gather them) can also end up
taking up a lot of your inventory space.
The alternative is to sell your DQ items to other players. DQ items drop often and is a popular way of
making money.

Regarding QUESTS:

There are different types of quests. During lower levels you might feel bombarded with all the quests, but
be thankful, later on the quests per level only make up about 20% of the experience for your level.

DQ: We have already discussed above.

FB: Field Battle. At levels 19, 29, 39, 51, 59, 69, etc you get a Call to Duty quest which is also known as
FB. The idea is to get a high level team to go with you to your FB instance and you kill the necessary
mobs and Bosses for your quest. This is a very popular quest as everyone that is with you gets
experience and reputation. Before you assemble a team, make sure you have the necessary TABS
(something in your inventory that says: "Call to Duty"). In the case of our faction we will try to get people
from our own faction to help with our FBs.

FQ: Friendship Quest. You'll hear a lot about this in Archosaur. It's a popular daily quest that takes about 5
to 10 minutes to complete for a nice amount of xp. It is only available from level 30.
The way it works is that you join someone who's asking around in Arc for 1 or 2 people to join their FQ.
This squad always just consists of three people. You go with the team to the Elder of Arc and wait. Then
you fly with them to the Dancer. When their quest is done you will have a Orb of Memories in your
inventory. Now it is your turn to go seek a squad (say "need 2 for FQ please" in West Arc or ask your
friends). When you have 2 people in your team, go to the Elder. Make sure you are leader, they are over
lvl 30 and that you are all standing close to the Elder. Speak to the Elder and choose under Quests :
"Have They Been Here". You'll get a quest , where you have to wait 5 seconds. Wait a while until a yellow
flag appears above his head. Speak to him and click confirm to everything. Now it is time to go to the
Dancer. Your team must follow you to the Dancer. You will also see the quest under Quests. Speak to her
and you will receive two items in your inventory and some xp.
(The stone of friendship: You can give this to the previous person u did the quest with, or you can gather
the stones from the people who did your FQ with you. Then you can speak to the Elder again, once you
have all three in your inventory. Otherwise throw it away. There is a more elaborate quest related to this,
but I have not yet done it. You can read about it on the Net.)

CS: Crazy Stone. Also a very popular daily quest that requires you to buy and combine shards and take
them to a random NPC in the city. Then u wait 10 minutes, and get a xp reward. Gets expensive after
level 60. CS is also only available from level 30.

BH: Bounty Hunter. A daily quest that requires you to set up a team and go to a FB instance and kill a
random boss. This is a lot of fun and gives tons of xp. Available from level 40.
A way to get a team for this is to ask your friends who are in the same level range as you. You can also
ask around in normal chat in the area near the Bounty Hunter NPC where you got the quest.

Hourly quest after level 60: There's an hourly quest after level 60. It costs money, but gives decent xp.
You go to the Envoy of Justice in one of the higher level towns, like Tusk Town. You buy a token/ticket
and then you get to choose a mob that you want to kill. These quests can only be obtained every hour. It
gets more expensive the higher level you get.

Cool That's enough information for now. We might add a FAQ section too later. Cool
If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

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