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The Rules, please read Empty The Rules, please read

Post  BarakiEl on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:22 am


Behavior inside Faction:
1.Be patient, polite and respectful toward fellow factionites.
2.Keep it clean. Try not to swear or blaspheme, please.
3.No racism allowed. No bashing other religions.
4.If it is in your ability, help your fellow factionites (with quests, or questions, etc) as far as possible.
5.If you have a problem with someone or something, pm that person and sort it out in private. If there is still a problem contact one of the officers and we will try to help.
6.Let's all try to include one another in FBs and other quests, where possible.
7.Recycle your items: When you get new gear, armor or weapons, give your old gear to fellow lower level factionites.

Behavior towards outsiders:
1.Treat everyone with the same civility you would treat your fellow factionites.
2.Be helpful, friendly. Remember you are a representative of Archerz.

1.We allow PvP under the condition that it is done honorably.
a.) Don't attack white named people while they are fighting mobs.
b.) (optional) You could notify your opponent that you are about to engage in PvP with him.
c.) (optional) If you manage to kill someone, give their items back to them.
d.) (optional) Give them advice on how to improve at PvPing.
2.Please don't PK people that are more than 10 levels lower than you.
3.You are allowed to kill red names.
4.If you kill someone, don't bash them afterward (be friendly).
5.You are allowed to defend yourself and/or other people.
6.Keep in mind, we don't want other factions to start a war against us without a good reason, so keep the peace, please.

Activity vs. inactivity:
1.Inactive members will be given a warning after one week to two weeks and if there is no answer or sign of activity, they will be kicked from the faction after 2 more days.
2.If a member is going to be away for a week or more, they should please notify one of the officers, so we don't accidentally remove them.
3.More active members will be entitled to perks, such as armor and weapons.

Inviting new people:
1.If you have a friend that wants to join the faction, have that person pm one of the officers, or give an officer his or her name. After an interview, the officer will decide if the person will be allowed in the faction or not.
2.We reserve the right to not allow people into the faction. Our aim is to create a fun and friendly environment.
(We reserve the right to remove people from the faction that do not adhere to these standards.)
3.Minimum level requirement to join the faction is 30.
4.Newbies to the faction will not be allowed to take part in other factionites' FB's for a week. The reason for this is that people have previously joined, done a FB with us and left immediately after. This is just a precaution to avoid things like that.
5.People will not be allowed to join and leave the faction more than 3 times. We are ideally looking for loyal faction members. Faction-hopping is not a sign of loyalty.

Alternate Characters:
1.Only officers are allowed to have alternate characters in the faction. If 50 players all had alternate characters in the faction that would take up a lot of space.

1.If you have a boss (or bosses) that needs killing, we will have a Boss Day each Sunday, where we will try to arrange teams to kill everyone's bosses. So save up those bosses for Sundays.

1.FBs (Field Battles) will be done when enough people are online in the faction to take part. As a faction it would be nice if we can all take part in each other's FBs.

1.Before going to an instance, make sure you have everything you need, like potions and ammo. Clerics, you are responsible for your own mana pots. Archers, you are responsible for your own ammo. The rest should have pots too, just in case.
2.Wait for everyone to gather for buffs at the entrance of the instance or near the boss. If someone is running exceptionally late ask them if it would be okay if the team started clearing the cave, or whatever it is that you want to go ahead and do.
3.Have someone take charge and give orders – preferably someone who has had some experience in what you are about to do. Someone who knows the way and the mobs. They are usually the higher levels, but this is not always the case.
4.Before you start, make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do. For example: lowbies stay away from dangerous mobs, clerics are given certain tanks to heal, DD's are given the job to pull aggro away from clerics if the tanks don't do it. If you do not know your role, ask.
5.If you are in a squad with just one cleric, try to not take too much damage (unless you are the tank), so you don't unnecessarily waste the cleric's mana.
6.If you happen to be the tank, make sure you don't run ahead without your team. Clear the mobs out of the way, so that the rear of your team does not get attacked. (If this happens, it will cause a split in the team, and the whole team will almost surely die.)
7.If you happen to be team leader, listen to your team members. They might have vital information and/or ideas.
8.Take care of your fellow team members. Put everyone ahead of yourself.
9.The squad dynamic differs every time, so pay attention to your fellow team mates. The situations change, the people are usually different ones. Hopefully in our faction we will manage to train everyone so that they instinctively know their roles when we do FBs, BHs and Bosses in all-faction-members squads.
10.If the entire squad does get wiped out (we are people and mistakes will happen), then the cleric with the highest resurrection level goes to town, runs back to the instance (or wherever) and resurrects everyone.

Lastly, have fun! It's only a game Razz

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The Rules, please read Empty Re: The Rules, please read

Post  xXxCutiexXx on Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:33 am

Many, many laws and rules ... It cost me more than half an hour to read .. But the truth is that laws are strict and a lot of things beloved and beautiful .. Suffice it to written rules, which are most beautiful girl in the game.
I hope that our best and most powerful faction in the game .. And the most loving and the Union.
Let us O ArcherZ to the summit and the best in the best ..
Sincere Cutie .....

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